Construct Field Types

# Page Creation

The standard Construct field type is for the creation of Nodes right from entries.

Construct does not automatically add a publish tab or a field to your publish layout. There are two reasons for this:

  • The developer should define the publish layout and Construct does not want to make any assumptions.
  • You might only have one channel/field group that will make use of Construct for pages so having a publish tab and field on every channel layout to be hidden at the creation of every channel does not seem sensible.

Additionally, the Page Creation field type is not required to use Construct. You may prefer to always manage your pages in the Construct Control panel, and that’s fine — in fact, that is my preference.

So, the Construct field type needs to be added to any field group you want it to be a part of. You add it just like you do any other field.

  • Navigate to the field group you would like to add the Construct field type to
  • Create a new channel field
  • In the “Type” drop down, select “Construct”
  • Name the field whatever will make the most sense to your end users.
  • Click “Save Field” and you’re done!